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Client Testimonials

"Chronic depression has been lifted Bold new choices are now available. Clearly the most beneficial modality on my extensive healing journey.

Anne Hagen, Healing Facilitator & Educator


Gets to the heart of the matter in a flash. Has strengthened my connections to God, my intuition, and those I serve.

Robert ONeal, Spiritual Director


In a time where life changing has become commercial and cliché, this is for real! Radically life changing and life affirming!

Jackson Scott, Chiropractor


One of the most exciting next generation approaches to understanding our soulful selves, bridging the psyche to the bodys own feedback systems. The co-creative experience between client and facilitator sparks synergy and respectful discovery.

Neddy Thompson, Psychotherapist


It was such an incredible experience to have a TK session last week! I do feel different. In truth, something has changed inside of me. One of the most exciting "truths that I discovered was the difference between the "I" (which I call Spirit) and the Deborah (the ego). It totally blew my mind how the "I" was always abundant. It was only Deborah who held the limiting beliefs. Each day, as I look at my thoughts, I think about where my ego is leading me. When I let my ego align with my higher self, it all is so much more fun! Thank you for an exciting, prosperous experience!

Deborah Jenkins, Author of the new book, Massive Abundance - How to Create Passion, Purpose and Prosperity in Your Life


I am truly happy to have the opportunity to render tribute to Transformational Kinesiology as a powerful system for breaking through self-defeating belief systems and habits.

This system has affected such a transformation in my life that I wholeheartedly recommend it. For years I had been dealing with a very painful issue that prevented me from reconnecting with my family and with my place of birth; and this repression showed up in an addiciton to overwork and difficult relationships. Years of psychotherapy and countless human potential seminars and workshops could not help me break through my subconscious barriers.

After six months of my first Transformational Kinesiology session, however, I was able to go back to my birthplace after 22 years of absence, and really enjoyed my family and friends! This is an amazing feat considering that for 22 years I had no desire whatsoever to go back to rekindle painful memories. As a result, the changes that I have experienced in my personality and my outlook are really miraculous. I had been denying a very important part of myself and through TK I regained my wholeness. And I am happy to state that I no longer use work as an escape, and that I feel freer to enjoy myself.

I am truly grateful for the changes that this system has brought into my life.

Yolanda.Chrystal, MA, MPH, Career Counselor.


I am writing to say thank you for all the great Transformational Kinesiology work I did. I am not the same man as when we started our work together. I have grown and changed in ways I could not have imagined a year ago.

I came in not knowing my purpose nor did I feel very valuable as a person. I was stressed out, working too much and not feeling like I had time and energy for my growth. I knew I had untapped potential to be more but I didn't know how to start accessing it and start living it. I had also become very isolated from others, not feeling like I could connect and enjoy others' company.

Within six months of beginning to work together I found a new job that helped me start to trust my ability to connect with others and begin to recognize my untapped potential. The door is wide open now to my continued growth and realizing the man I want to be. I no longer feel addicted to seriousness, and living has become more playful and fun for me.

Instead of feeling trapped in a dead-end with no way out, I now feel like anything is possible!

Scott Michael, student


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