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Benefits of Transformational Kinesiology

TK is for you if you desire more:

  • Insight
  • Purpose
  • Clarity
  • Relaxation
  • Harmony
  • Creativity
  • Vitality
  • Joy
  • Freedom
  • Inspiration
  • Peace

Transformational Kinesiology is an educational process that helps you improve your quality of life. A TK balance can enhance learning and performance skills, correct electromagnetic distress, eliminate physical dysfunction due to energy blockages, facilitate emotional balance, and transform limiting beliefs systems that are outside of conscious awareness. Clients often enjoy more freedom and peace of mind.

TK works on the basis that our inner, subjective states determine our overall health and interactions. The outer, physical body is a manifestation of our inner thoughts and emotions. Similarly, our thoughts and emotions are meant to reflect our essential Self. When this four dimensional system (physical-emotional-mental-spiritual) is aligned and coherent, we experience radiant health and are able to live our lives to the fullest.

When any aspect of our multi dimensional system is out of balance the entire system is affected, as is the quality of life in general. Often, due to limitations in consciousness and despite efforts to the contrary, our bio-psycho-emotional aspects are not aligned with essential Self. Thoughts and emotions can often become automatic, habitual and/or imported from others. They seem to take on lives of their own and we begin to feel powerless, out of control, isolated, or confused as to why situations do not turn out as we intended.

TK works on the basis that we each inherently know what is best for ourselves and that real healing comes from the Source within. The energies of the essential Self are vibrating at higher frequencies and can powerfully realign the physical, emotional, and mental vehicles. Thus, by bringing blockages into conscious awareness--and by accessing and actualizing the innate intelligence and inner resources of each individual--balance is restored.

The TK process works on multiple levels simultaneously. It unites the bodymind system by utilizing the powerful yet subtle method of manual muscle monitoring to identify limiting belief systems and other blocks that often lie outside of our awareness. Distortions in the energy fields, emotional imprinting, out-dated decisions, illusions, and other imbalances are easily identified and brought to the level of consciousness. The TK process recognizes consciousness itself as a powerful healing energy in its own right. The ultimate goal is continuity of consciousness on all levels.

TK is a potent, comprehensive energy balancing process by itself and also serves as a powerful adjunct to conventional psychotherapy or bodywork. A TK balance process facilitates physical wellbeing, personal growth, and spiritual development.

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