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Transformational Kinesiology (TK) is a holistic energy balancing method that utilizes kinesiology in an applied form (muscle monitoring) to access information from the bodymind. TK combines the art of muscle response testing with the science of subtle energies.

During a TK session, manual muscle testing is used as a feedback indicator to identify limiting belief systems, stressors, and energy blockages that inhibit and prevent you from manifesting your full potential. TK is an integrative modality that is grounded in the science of subtle energies and utilizes principles of transpersonal psychology, holistic counseling, esoteric healing, acupressure, visualization, and meditation to facilitate personal and spiritual growth.

A TK process reveals and transforms your limiting patterns on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The result is often significant and permanent change.

What is a Transformational Kinesiology (TK) Session Like?

A typical TK session includes the following:

  • An energy clearing to correct for
    • under- or over-energy
    • polarity switching
    • superficial weaknesses in the energy field
    • subclinical dehydration
    • lack of presence in the moment
    • lack of centeredness
  • Goal-focusing (the process of clarifying intention)
  • Identification of limitations and blockages affecting:
    • the physical level
    • the etheric level
    • the emotional level
    • the mental level
    • the spiritual level
    • the past
    • the present
    • the future
  • An individualized balance utilizing a variety of bodymind techniques
  • A transformation of energy blockages
  • An energy maintenance plan

During a TK session, you are seated in a chair, fully clothed, facing a TK practitioner. The session begins with a clearing process that involves muscle testing. Muscle testing consists of extending either arm and having the TK facilitator touch and press gently on your forearm just above your wrist. During a clearing process muscle testing is used to check and correct, either verbally or through simple movements, six parameters. These include, under- or over-energy, polarity switching, superficial weaknesses in the energy field, subclinical dehydration, lack of presence in the moment, and lack of centeredness.

Next, a goal is identified for the session based upon what you want. Then, through structured dialogue combined with muscle testing, the limitations are identified that are blocking you from manifesting your goal. Next, muscle testing is used to determine which TK balance is best for you. The TK repertoire, or "menu," consists of about 15 to 50 different balances depending upon the level of your practitioner.

Each TK balance is different and is uniquely suited to your needs. By way of overview, a balance may involve visualization, movement, sound, color, fragrant oils, meditation, acupressure, or a combination of such vibrational technologies, depending upon your particular situation. After the balance is complete, all of the previously identified blockages are rechecked to confirm that they have released.

Finally, through a process called "reprogramming," the old, limiting beliefs are replaced with what you consciously choose for your Self. Since most of our self-sabotaging mechanisms were not intentionally chosen, in this portion of the balance process you are able to consciously re-create yourself. You are able to think differently and feel better, further confirmation of the changes enacted through the balance process.

During a TK balance process it is common to access forgotten memories of pivotal events in your life. These memories surface, are brought into the light of consciousness, insight is gained, and they are transformed or released.

After a TK session people feel uplifted, alert, energized, inspired, and dynamically peaceful. Each session is complete in itself, although a series of sessions is most beneficial.

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