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TK Related Workshops, Presentations, and Study Groups


Intro to Kinesiology & Muscle Testing------Sept. 25--Albuquerque, NM-----Shiranda Deerwoman

Intro to TK: TK Group Process---------------------Oct. 16--Jackson, WI----------Shiranda Deerwoman

Intro to Kinesiology & Muscle Testing----------Oct. 17--Jackson, WI----------Shiranda Deerwoman

Transformational Kinesiology Workshop----Oct. 17-22--Esalen, Big Sur, CA------Debra Greene


Nature of the Soul Study Group----------------Ongoing, Albuquerque, NM----Shiranda Deerwoman

TK Group Balacing---------------------------------Ongoing, Albuquerque, NM----Shiranda Deerwoman

TK Group Balancing-----------------------------Ongoing Tues--Kihei, Maui, HI---------Debra Greene

TK Group Balancing-----------------------------Ongoing Weds--Columbus, OH-------Jeanine Larson

Meditation & Spiritual Practice Group--------Ongoing TH--St. Paul, MN---------Maria Turnblom

TK Group Work-----------------------------------Ongoing Suns--Columbus, OH--------Jeanine Larson

Intro to Kinesiology & Muscle Testing------Jan. 15--Albuquerque, NM-----Shiranda Deerwoman

Inner Leadership---------------------------------Feb. 12-13--Albuquerque, NM---Shiranda Deerwoman

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